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The Importance of Connecting Within & Understanding Your Emotions

As life continues we are in a constant state of change. Each experience we undergo affects us whether it's physically, emotionally, spiritually, or all of the above. Part of our path as we mature is to reflect on ourself, discover our strengths and weaknesses, and connect to our inner soul. It is in our best interest to deepen our self awareness as there are always things all of us can work on. As the saying goes, your only competition is yourself. Without putting in the work to look inwards and reflect, we are not able to get in touch with our inner soul and create meaningful change. This hinders our opportunity to grow as individuals and become the healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves.

Looking inwards allows us to understand what we value which is often signaled through positive emotions. It also allows us to examine our negative emotions that show us something may be affecting us subconsciously and creating inner turmoil. When we choose to turn away from our struggles and pain we live a life that's inauthentic to ourselves. As a result, we function disconnected from our true purpose which is a sin to our souls. It may be easier in the moment to bury negative emotions instead of facing them, but it creates much more pain in the long run and deprives you from the opportunity of improving yourself and experiencing authentic happiness. This is why choosing to face inner challenges and understand your emotions is an essential choice to thrive.

Our emotions are here for a reason. They communicate to us information about ourselves and give insight into our experiences. Often, emotions reflect something from within ourselves that when we choose to tune into the emotion and be receptive to what it is reflecting, we become equipped to find the emotion's foundation. When we work towards understanding our emotions and why we feel the way we do, we are able to recognize healthy and unhealthy habits and situations. This is essential to understanding what we need to improve upon and deciding what does not serve us. Emotions are often signals of something deep within ourselves whether it is past trauma triggered by a current situation, unresolved inner turmoil, or a deep appreciation that reflects our values. Negative emotions can be considered a call to action that point towards something that needs to change.. whether that's internally and/or externally relies upon connecting deeper within. Understanding your emotional responses is key to remaining present, ensuring the past does not hinder the present or future, and deepening your connection with your inner soul and life purpose.

When we recognize our emotions as visitors and helpers in understanding ourselves, we are able to separate our emotions from ourselves. They are simply trying to communicate different aspects of ourselves and it is our choice to look inwards and identify what they mean. In emotionally sensitive situations, being able to identify our emotions and why they are present allows us to operate from a place of stability that recognizes our emotions and tunes into what they mean without allowing them to overtake us. It is not possible to function from a place of inner peace without embracing our emotions as signals and analyzing what they are trying to show us. Thus, the path of facing your inner struggles and embracing your emotions without judgement is fundamental to improving oneself.

My personal favorite practice to deepen my understanding of my emotions and to build a stronger connection to my soul is meditation. At first it can be a bit challenging but with consistency you will have found a place of solace to return to at any moment. Meditation guides you to process your emotions, analyze your inner self, and identify what is serving you and what is not so you can make the necessary changes in life to improve. With practice, you become more attuned to your energy and any shifts around you. This enables you to decipher whether any energy changes you experience are coming from within or from those around you. Fundamentally, the practice of meditation grounds the mind, body, and soul by bringing you into the present which is very important for functioning from a place of inner stability and peace. I also recently picked up on journaling which I have come to love as it has helped me understand myself better and deepen my mindfulness practice. Operating from a place of inner peace allows you to find solace within yourself and surroundings.

Connecting with ones soul is the most self-loving spiritual journey one can partake in. Achieving a deeper soul and spiritual connection is sacred work. By doing so you will simultaneously be deepening your connection with others and healing those around you.

True self care is not just a week off, a spa day, or a shopping splurge. It's recognizing toxic situations, changing behaviors, saying no more often, learning to gracefully let go, embracing change and stillness, practicing forgiveness, and sending love and light to all. The path towards deepening self-love and connecting within is often challenging. However, with more difficulty comes greater impactful healing. Know that everyone has gone through something and that you are not alone in your struggles.

We are all connected, we are all human, and we are all perfectly imperfect.

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